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Welcome to River Road Church Preschool, where we believe children learn best when given the opportunity to investigate and explore the world around them. At River Road, we help children meet their individual social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical needs.


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Our Preschool. Our Family.

River Road Preschool’s inclusive program is one where differences are respected and highly valued. All children are recognized as unique individuals, and we strive to help encourage the gifts God has given them.

River Road Preschool is licensed through the Virginia Department of Education, participates in Virginia Quality, and is a mission of the River Road Church, Baptist.


Emotional Development

Social Development

Cognitive Development

Creative Development

Healthy Habits

River Road Preschool offers a morning preschool program for children and an assortment of additional options as a service to the parents and children in our church and in our community. The school, established in 1972, provides a place where children can grow in their unique way, as a child of God, experiencing opportunities that will help them develop to their greatest potential.

River Road Preschool’s curriculum is developmentally appropriate for children on each of the age levels and created to help children meet developmental milestones. Teachers individualize according to the physical, intellectual, social and emotional maturity of each child. Realizing that children learn best by exploring, discovering and experiencing, a hands-on center-based approach that is focused on play is used in each classroom.