All God’s Children

We want to show by example what Jesus meant when He said, “Love One Another.”

Three Goals:

  • To provide information to teachers in the area who do not have the opportunities to attend workshops and conventions.
  • To help children in the Richmond area, by providing basic items of need and opportunity for different experiences.
  • To help our children understand that helping others is an important value.

The children and families of River Road were very generous this Fall when 650 pounds of food were donated from River Road Preschool to the Central Virginia Food Bank. Many coats of all sizes were collected by the church and then distributed to those families in need.

At Christmas you showed your generosity once again by contributing over 216 hats, gloves and mittens to the Henrico Christmas Mother. Given these economic times, your gifts made Christmas a little brighter and warmer for our Richmond area citizens.

Thank you for caring and teaching your children to help other people in need.

In the last ten years, River Road Preschool has provided:

  • Cards made by the children to assisted living and nursing homes
  • Bags, birthday cards, and placemats for Meals on Wheels
  • Workshops and Resource Boxes including 150 DVD sets and DVD players, which provided instructional training taught by River Road Staff members
  • Play Days with William Byrd Community House
  • Fruit baskets
  • Central Virginia Food Bank donations
  • Hats and mittens to the Henrico Christmas Mother
  • Goodnight boxes to the YMCA shelters for abused women and children
  • Clothing collections for the Eastern District Family Resource Center
  • Diapers for ISH (Interfaith Services of Henrico)
  • Thank you books for 911 Rescue Heroes
  • SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now)
  • SPCA
  • Children for Tsunami Relief
  • Children’s Hospital Transitional Unit

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