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River Road Church offers programs for children as a service to the parents and children in our church and in our community. The school, established in 1972, provides a place where children can grow in their unique way, as a child of God, experiencing opportunities that will help them develop to their greatest potential.

The programs set up are developmentally appropriate for children on each of the age levels. The program for each age group varies according to the physical, intellectual, social and emotional maturity of the children in order to meet the needs of each group. Realizing that children learn best by exploring, discovering and experiencing, a hands-on center-based approach is used in each classroom.

The children are taught in a warm and caring atmosphere, by teachers who are experienced and have their degree or certification in Early Childhood. The teachers and their assistants provide the nurturing the children need as well as the stimulating experiences to promote growth. Teachers design their class’s curriculum based on the interests of their children and what their children need to experience and know at that particular stage of development.

Activities are designed to help children feel successful in what they do to promote a positive self-esteem. The teachers act as facilitators to challenge and extend the learning process by constantly asking open-ended questions, providing problem solving situations, and encouraging children to take the process in which they are engaged or their thinking to the next level.

The program goals include helping children in the following ways:

  • Develop self-confidence, self-respect and a positive self-image.
  • Learn to accept their own feelings and to express them in healthy ways.
  • Become aware of others’ feelings and to be able to relate to other children and adults.
  • To respect and appreciate diversity.
  • Develop skills for coordination and control in order to become more independent.
  • Develop the thinking processes.
  • Develop creativity, curiosity and self-expression.
  • Develop good communication skills.

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