Who We Are


River Road Church Preschool Development Center is a school committed to partnering with parents in the raising of their young children. Families’ values, customs and practices are respected and incorporated into the developmental curriculum that is offered. Together, with parents, River Road Preschool strives to nurture and develop the children by promoting respect, responsibility, a healthy self-esteem and a lifelong love for learning.


The curriculum is based on the best in early childhood education practices and current brain research. We begin with sensory motor development, as well as developing:

Spatial awareness

Perceptual motor abilities

Visual discrimination

Tactile discrimination

Problem solving skills

The ability to cross mid-line

Basic Cognitive Skillls

All of this enables children to master basic cognitive skills, such as:





One-to-one correspondence

Foundation of All Learning

This is the foundation that begins the journey in education that they will continue for years to come. Through hands-on play, children are allowed to explore, investigate, experiment, and problem solve, as well as develop important social and emotional skills.

Get Involved

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in their children’s educational process by the school’s open-door policy. In the preschool, parents are asked to come into the classroom for their own special day to participate in the various activities of the school day. There are many special events for parents to become involved in as well as serving alongside a group of room parents throughout the year. 

Involvement with the community is a mission of River Road Preschool. During the year, children, parents and staff are involved with outreach efforts to the community through the school’s “All God’s Children” program.  Parent educational trainings are offered, and all members of our community are welcome to share their unique talents.

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All God’s Children

We want to show by example what Jesus meant when He said, “Love One Another.”

Three Goals:

To work with others in our community to promote the concept of community service—inside and outside our school doors.

To help children in the Richmond area, by providing basic items of need and opportunity for different experiences.

To help our children understand that helping others is an important value.

River Road Preschool looks for different opportunities to support throughout the year alongside River Road Church.  By doing so, children learn at a young age the importance of helping others, caring and empathy, and the need to be a contributing member of our community.

In the last ten years, River Road Preschool has provided:

Cards made by the children to assisted living and nursing homes

Bags, birthday cards, and placemats for Meals on Wheels

Workshops and Resource Boxes including 150 DVD sets and DVD players, which provided instructional training taught by River Road Staff members

Play Days with William Byrd Community House

Fruit baskets

Central Virginia Food Bank donations

Hats and mittens to the Henrico Christmas Mother

Thanksgiving baskets for Oregon Hill Baptist Center in coordination with River Road Church, Baptist.

Goodnight boxes to the YMCA shelters for abused women and children

Clothing collections for the Eastern District Family Resource Center

Diapers for ISH (Interfaith Services of Henrico)

Thank you books for 911 Rescue Heroes

SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now)


Children for Tsunami Relief

Children’s Hospital Transitional Unit

Collected items for Reinhart Guest House at St. Mary’s Hospital.